Beautiful You

Before I started my blog I was trying to think of a name for it! I wanted something, you know, super spiritual, but couldn’t think of anything. I began to pray and ask the lord what he would have me name it!

Well He began to ask me what I want the most from this blog? As I pondered on this I told Him I wanted most of all just to be an encouragement to women who have been through stuff, even to all those women who appear to have it all together, but deep down they really have issues, just like everyone else.

Then He took me to Isaiah 61:3. It says God will take things in ruins and convert them into something of beauty, giving me beauty from Ashes!!

I love it when God confirms His word to us!! So that’s my hope for this blog, just to let every woman know that through all her junk God will make Beauty from Her ashes!! I heard a saying many years ago, God will take your mess and make it a testimony!! And I believe that!!

So my hope today is that you are blessed and encouraged by this blog! It’s just another tool to be able to reach every lady that just might need a little encouragement!!

You are Beautiful You!!

My tip of the day! If you are battling losing weight, keep a food diary each day! I use MyFittnesPal! Wonderful app! Since May of 2017 I have lost 10 lbs. That doesn’t seem like a lot but hey every pound counts!! It works and also ask The Father to show you in His Word scripture that will help you along!!

Be blessed today!!


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