Praying For Your Spouse Day 3

At church we always end our service with what we call the Priestly Prayer!! I believe it’s not just for husbands, but for each one of us!!

I truly believe that what comes out of our mouths are either blessings or curses. So when you are saying the priestly prayer, you are speaking life into yourself, your husband, and your family. The men in our lives will be blessed when we speak life into them!!

So, if you haven’t been praying or speaking life into your husband, then today is a great day to begin. It’s never too late!!

I absolutely love this prayer blessing!! So join me today as I bless my husband!! It works!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Hold hands! There’s nothing like the feeling of his hand in yours! It’s reassuring him that you are there, even after 32 years!!

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