Praying For Your Spouse Day 5

When Larry and I first met, 33 years ago, you might say he was a little shy. He was so cute!! Our first date was on Valentines Day, and I can still remember him picking me up in his Chevy Z28, with 3 red roses in the front seat!! Some things you just never forget.

Larry was not a Christian, and knew very little about living a Christian life! Needless to say that my dad (a Pastor) did not agree with me dating him, but I was 21 and I knew way deep down in my knower that he would come to know the Lord! All of that to say this, as I stayed faithful to God, Larry became a Christian two weeks into our dating!

So, regardless of what’s going on right now, never give up on your man! Pray hard for him! If he’s not a believer, keep praying and hang on to your faith!! It’s awesome to see your prayers become reality!! To this day My Man Of God has a strong relationship with his personal Savior!

My prayer of the day:  Father, I thank you for my husband. I thank you for the love that he has for you!! I pray that you would continue to grow him spiritually, give him knowledge and direct his thoughts towards You. I thank You every day for him.

My Tip Of The Day! Have a Date night! Enjoy being with each other!! Have fun together! Make everyday count!!

4 thoughts on “Praying For Your Spouse Day 5

  1. Pastor Kim I really enjoy your blog and will continue to read it , want to share your life and keep in touch with you love you and Pastor Larry Love you both Susan Dunn


  2. Love you and your blogs sweetie. I’m so proud of you. You both are Amazing, Godly, Loving people. I’m excited to see where God takes you!!! We all know it’s going to be great, because you are a child of The King!!! Love and appreciate you both! God Bless! You inspire me! Love you my sweet sister!


    1. Thank you Linda!! I really appreciate that!! You are pretty awesome yourself!! Keep up the good work and see what God does! We pray nothing but blessings for you all and MGC!!


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