Praying For Your Spouse Day 6


Today is the day to start praying for your husband if you haven’t already!! They need us; they need our support and strength.

I believe as a wife our roll is to walk along side our husbands and hold his head high. When his strength is gone, we are to encourage him and let him know that he can conquer all things through Christ Jesus!

With the pressures of this life we need to pray more for him. The enemy is there to throw road blocks along his way (and ours) to distract what God is doing in his life!! So be diligent today about praying for you man!! I know my man needs prayer everyday, so as a wife I will walk beside him and raise him up before my Father!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Make him a cup of coffee today and take it to him with a smile on your face! My husband is usually up first so he makes the coffee. When it’s done he will bring me a cup, but today I will take him one! He’s so deserving!!


“A Wife’s Prayer for Her Husband” and other encouragement found at


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