Praying For Your Future Spouse Day 8

I know some of you ladies are thinking, I’m not married so none of this applies to me! But yes it does! If you’re single and have plans to marry one day, you need to be praying for your future spouse. Write down what you want in a man and begin to pray over that list! I know that it sounds silly, but it works!!

I knew as a young girl that I would marry a minister. Now, when I met Larry he wasn’t even a Christian and I thought to myself, ‘how could I meet a man that doesn’t even know anything about serving God, much less being a minister?’ But God had bigger plans! Two weeks into our relationship, Larry accepted Christ as his personal Savior, and in 2002 Larry accepted his call into the ministry, and to this day I stand amazed by what God has done in his life!!

So, yes ladies, we need to pray for our future husbands! Never settle! Never go beneath the standard of what God wants for you! I see so many young ladies that feel that they are not worthy of having a good life with a Man of God standing along side of them!! But you ARE worth it!  Your ARE the apple of His eye and He wants nothing but the BEST for you!!

So here is a prayer for your future husband! Believe me this works!! I challenge you to begin to pray like never before!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Ladies, don’t settle! Pray and seek God for your husband! Don’t try to make it happen; let God lead you and guide you!!

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