Praying For Your Spouse Day 9

OK, ladies we can pray for our husbands until we are blue in the face, but if we don’t give him words of affirmation, then what do our prayers do for him? I have seen women belittle their husbands in mixed company, or complain about everything that their husband is doing or not doing!!

Maybe, if we praised him like a wife is supposed to do, instead of tearing him down, then maybe, just maybe, he would begin to do better!! I know as a wife, mother, and an “Oma” to my first grand-baby, if I never heard a kind word, or was told how much I was loved and appreciated, it would make me feel horrible about myself!

So, I challenge you today to start speaking words of affirmation to (and over) him!! Does he have a dream? Challenge him to put it into action!! Is he a hard worker, never asking anything in return?? Then start praising him for all that he does!!

So start today to be an encourager to your man!! God gave him to you, so don’t tear down what God is trying to build UP!!  Be blessed today! Cherish Him!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Say one nice thing to him with a sweet smile!! Believe me, it goes a long way!! ❤️

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