In Times Of Refreshing

F78A765D-9DB3-4560-820E-3EFC8263883CHappy Monday!!

I pray everyone had a wonderful weekend! My family had a great weekend! It was busy but good!!

Today is a new day of being refreshed!! Have your ever heard someone say, ‘I’ll start my diet on Monday’?  I’ve said it because it feels like Monday is a fresh part of the week!  Or, ‘I’ll start back to the gym on Monday!’  I’ve said that too!!  Monday just seems like the day for do overs!  Right?  Well for me it does!!

Philemon 1:20 says, “Yes, Brother, help me rejoice in the Lord, refresh my heart in the Lord.”

Today–Monday!–is a day of refreshing in the Lord! Maybe you struggled last week, maybe the enemy has been on your back beating you down because of past mistakes! Seek God for a refreshing of His spirit in your life!

For me, today is the day!! I desire so much from Him! I seek Him daily to do in me what He longs to do!

Acts 3:19 says, “Therefore repent and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord!!” He is the only one who can bring a freshness to our lives!! So start today!! Make this be a day of starting Fresh!! Let this be a day of refreshing from the Lord!!

There was a song that was sung in service yesterday by Rita Springer, You Are Good And You Never Change, God!! I beg you to listen to it! It has great lyrics and believe me it will REFRESH you!

[Verse 1]

Even in the why. In the middle of the night I say

You are good

Though my prayers are heard, The response is yours, God

You are good


Sorrow may last the whole night, but Joy comes in the morning light


You are good and you never change, God

You are good and you never change, God

You are good and you never change your ways

You are good and you never change, God

You are good and you never change, God

You are good and you never change your ways

[Verse 2]

When the arrows fly, I will stand behind the truth

You are good

You tell my heart be still, And so God I will ’cause I know

That you’re good.

Be Blessed today!! Be refreshed by the Holy Spirit of God!! Let Him do a work in and through you!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Get moving today!! It’s a New Day! Do something that you have been putting off!! You will feel better about yourself for it!!

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