Trash To Treasure

Ladies I love to thrift shop!! There’s nothing like going through things that someone has thrown out for the trash truck to pick up!! To me that’s treasure!! You never know what you may find!! I’ve been known to dumpster dive a time or two! It’s fun finding things that you can restore and use yourself, or sell to make a little cash or give away so that someone else may be able to use it!!

Most of my interior decor has either come from Thrift Shops. Sometimes I find things on Letgo or Offerup, and even those Yard Sale sights on Facebook!!

I believe that you can take something old and make something new out of it! I recently took an old glass water Pitcher and spray painted it for a beautiful flower vase! Just use your imagination!!

My husband gets frustrated with me sometimes because I can have a lot of projects for him to do, but in the long run he’s grateful because I didn’t spend a lot or didn’t spend anything!!! We like making our men happy right?? 😜

In the picture above I bought this old wooden cheese box and displayed some of my cookbooks in it!! Nothing real fancy but I love how you can take something old and reuse it for something different!!

This is a glass pitcher that I spray painted, put in some silk flowers and some twigs from outside and I have a really cute flower vase!! And there you have it! Just a little imagination! That’s it!!

I challenge you today to take something that you were going to get rid of and see if you can’t make it into something totally different!! I dare you!! You will get hooked really fast!!

I love this saying I found on Pinterest by Stacy Risenmay!!  It says a whole lot in few sentences!!

My Tip Of The Day:  If you’re thinking of getting rid of something in your house because you don’t like it in that spot anymore, move it somewhere else! It will have a whole new life!!

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