Be Yourself!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

The society we live in today tells us so much about what we think we should be, and  who we should be like, that we have no idea who we really are!! Been there and done that!! I struggled with that for too many years!! I would decorate my house one way, then go see someone else’s house and decide to change mine because theirs looked better!! Or I would wear an outfit because I really liked it, and if no one complimented me, then I wouldn’t wear that outfit again, thinking I needed approval on what they thought!!

Sorry, y’all (Arkansas language) that’s not living!!  Sometimes we get so bound up with what we want people to perceive about us that we constantly re-do or change things about or around us, that even God is probably saying Please STOP!!

When I was a little girl I would go to my grandma’ Bilderback’s house and she would give me things to keep!! Like old knick-knacks and to this day I still have them!! I cherish  antiques!! So, at 55, I finally figured out that I love decorating my home with Old Things! I love flea markets, so whenever I get the chance I take a day with a good friend and flea market all day!! It’s so much fun and it’s something I Really enjoy!!

So, does my home look like a million dollar home??? NO!! But it’s my home!! I love taking old things and giving them a new twist on life!! Maybe a fresh coat of paint, or leave it  alone and place it on a shelf beside something that adds a lot of character!!

And that’s what our Heavenly Father does!! He takes us, while we’re broken and little messed up, and gives us a fresh start. He breathes new life into us, making us new again!! He feeds us with loving goodness, and He reminds us that we have been Fearfully and Wonderfully made in His eyes!! To me, His Eyes are the only Eyes that matter!!

He calls me by name and says that I am His Daughter!! A Daughter of The King!!

So if you’re struggling today, trying to find your fit, or just trying to ease by in life, talk to the One who knows you! Really Knows You! He will help you along this journey of yours and take the vessel that you think really has no significance and He’ll show you Who You Really Are!!

The two pictures below are of my living room!! As you can tell I love mixing a lot of old with a little new!! The yellow ticker I bought at a garage sale for $20.00. And the old hutch I paid $150.00 for at a flea market!! I kept them both in their original condition!!


The picture above is an old mantel that is in my kitchen/dinning area! I bought it at a flea market called The Rusted Rooster. I’m in love with Mantels!! I try to keep my dinning table always set with some pretty dishes!! I’ll post some of the settings later!! I’m changing it out to a spring theme!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Find something that’s just laying around and make use of it!! It may just need a fresh coat of paint 🎨 and watch it come back to life!!

2 thoughts on “Be Yourself!

  1. I love reading your blogs!!! Kim I missed you at church Sunday,, it just ain’t the same with out you An Larry!!! Thank you for posting such uplifting things!!! I love ya!!


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