Desire The Word

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I first want  to wish my Father, Calvin Bilderback, a Happy Birthday in Heaven!! He would have been 83 years old today!! He left his earthly home on August 8, 2002 and now resides in his Heavenly Home!! I miss him everyday!! Actually there’s not a day goes by that I don’t see that big smile on his face! (Always smiling!) His heart for God was never failing but always wanting more!! We miss you and love you daddy!! Happy 83rd Birthday in Heaven!!


Now to what God was showing me!!

This title jumped out at me from the pages of my Spirit Led Woman’s Bible. I don’t know about you, but I desire more of understanding His Word!

On Wednesday night during Bible study at a church that we visited, someone made a statement about reading the word, and instantly the Holy Ghost pricked my spirit and said when we are reading the Bible, they are just words and letters on a page! But when we apply the Word to our lives everyday then it becomes Alive in us!! We can read the Bible all day long, and say we have read front to back or back to front, but when it’s not applied to our lives, then it does not do us any good. We are just reading another book!!

Marilyn Hickey made this statement: “God wants to give us wisdom; He always wants to speak to us. So I look at it this way, if I lack wisdom on how to handle a certain situation, then the problem is quite likely with my inability to hear Him or how His Word applies to me.”  So to gain wisdom and knowledge it takes us having a daily relationship with Him. It takes applying the Word to our lives. It takes us spending time in prayer. And it takes having that one on one personal relationship with Him!! I don’t exclude myself when I say this, but I could do better in these areas!!

The Word says when we walk in the Spirit, then we don’t fulfill the lust of the flesh!! When people tend to see the word LUST, they think one thing! But this one little 4 letter word can have many different meanings! That’s where the Word comes in!! His Holy Written Word is powerful and sharper than any Two Edged Sword! We die to this flesh daily through His written Word and through prayer!!

So today I ask you to start out reading maybe a chapter, or verse a day of the Bible! Ask God where He might want you to start! If you’re having problems understanding, begin to ask Him for Wisdom and Knowledge. I promise you He will!! I Love the Word of God!! It brings such life to me!!!

My TIP of every day:  Find a good Bible study book so you can learn more of God’s Word!! Go to a Christian bookstore or ask a good friend where you might find the right study for you! You never know, they just might have one one hand that they’ll GIVE to you!!

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