What WIll Our Legacy say!!

As I watched the funeral of Billy Graham and listened to all his children, friends & family, and even the President of the United States speak so highly of him, I thought to myself, “What kind of legacy will I leave?” I began to search myself and my life and pray that I have touched many lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I pray that my actions, or my words had an influence on someone’s life!! Have I been perfect? I can truthfully tell you, “NO!” But, as I get older I find myself checking myself all the time! I want my children, grand-children, husband, family and friends to say, “She was a lady that loved God with all her heart!!” I know I can’t always please my husband or my family and friends, but I should try! That’s the same way that we should be on the journey of Faith! We won’t always be perfect but we should always try to do the best that we can for Him!

As the multitude of people came to celebrate the life of Billy Graham, and the legacy he left, I pray that I leave a legacy like that! It may not be to the extent of his but I’m not here to compare mine to his; I’m just saying I want to leave a legacy of integrity, truth, love and compassion to my children. That’s far better than leaving a lot of money that when all is said and done is gone!! But your legacy will go on forever!

My father has been gone now for almost 16 years, and when all of his kids and grand-kids are around and we talk about him, it’s not about what he left us in material things, but we talk about the memories we cherish! We talk about the love that he had for God, his love for people, and the love he had for his family!! That’s what I want!!

When I stand before my Father in Heaven I want to hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!” Now that’s a legacy to leave behind!!

Be blessed today!! And be a blessing to someone!! Even if it’s just a smile or kind word!!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Don’t worry about things you have no control over!! Give them to God and MOVE ON! Life is too precious to waste by worrying!!!

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