Productive Day!!

I’ve been busy trying to get things done today!!! I absolutely love being outside, so I don’t want to be in the house doing inside stuff, I want to be outside!!

I made a wreath for my front door today! It’s not fancy, but I like it!! And I didn’t spend much!! I already had the grapevine wreath and the fern leaves and the the little purple flowers came from Dollar Tree! Yes you heard me! They have lots of neat things there that you can purchase for a buck, and that’s my kind of shopping!!

You know me right? I love to find nice things but at a cheap price!!

I love going to GoodWill, flea markets, Dollar Tree, any store really, as long as the prices are good!! I love going to Dillards to shop as well, especially when they have the 65% off plus another 30 or 40% off! The only item that I’ll pay full price for is my shoes!! I have to wear good shoes for my feet! Getting older you don’t care about the price of shoes as long as they feel good!!

Anyways, back to the wreath I made! I put it all together in about 20 minutes! My sister, Trish, had already made the bow! I’m just not a bow maker; I’ve tried and tried but they never look as good as hers!

You may even have things in your house that you can put on a wreath and make it your own!! It’s all about showing your personality!! If you have some old flowers laying around, tear them apart and get busy hot gluing them on your wreath!! It doesn’t have to be perfect! It’s yours! Own it!!

Here’s the wreath I made today!! I just wanted to add some springtime up against my turquoise door!! (love that color!)

Enjoy your weekend and have some fun!! Be creative!! God made the world in 6 days, He looked at it and saw that it was good!! Then He Rested!! So create something this weekend then go to the house of the Lord to Worship and Rest in HIM!

My Tip Of The Day:  Get outside and get some vitamin D!! It’s good for your body!!

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