Thinking Back!!

Today I was at home thinking about this week, and how it was the week leading up to Christ’s Death on the cross!! As He entered the streets of Jerusalem and all the people were waving palm leaves shouting out His name!! Hosanna to the King!! And within the same week they were shouting out Crucify Him!! Mocking Him!!

They saw signs and wonders that He had done that week!! Even some of His Disciples said they would never turn away from Him, but some did!! One said he didn’t even know Him!! The other (Judas) took money and betrayed Him!!

Fast forward to now!! I have felt the Love of Christ!! I have felt HIS Forgiveness!! I have worshiped Him! I have told Him on many occasions that I would stand for Him no matter what!! BUT THEN… You know those BUTS!! When He is calling my name early in the morning wanting to talk with me, BUT I say Lord, I’m really tired!! When I get up we’ll talk!! Or, I see a need in someone’s life and He asks me to show kindness through a kind word or smile! BUT you know my day is not going so well either so why should I??

Sometimes (a lot of times) we, (including myself), are just as guilty as those that cried out Crucify Him! BUT, when we say not today Lord, I feel that we may be crucifying Him over and over again!!

Help us to remember these things when He is calling on us to be His Disciples; Help us not to crucify Him again by saying Not Today!!

Let us love one another!!            (Photo by

My Tip Of The Day:  Think of someone you can be a blessing to today!! Then act on it! Then tell me what you did!! Share your testimony!!

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