Gods Promises!!

Can you name them all?? Can you count them all?? Gods promises are Yea and Amen!! That means what He says is TRUTH!! He cannot tell a lie!! But yet we don’t claim the promises that are waiting for us!! We sometimes believe that they are for someone else!! I’m going to share with you today my daily devotion!! It has blessed me this morning so I feel that I need to share it with you!!

God’s Promises for You  by  Kong Hee!!

You might not consider counting stars difficult if you live in the city. The bright lights of the streets and buildings often make it difficult to spot stars in the night sky. However, if you have ever been out at night in the countryside, or maybe in a desert region like where Abraham lived, you would know that the sky is actually full of shining stars! Then, counting the multitude of stars would truly be an impossible task.

So why did God ask Abraham to count the stars in Genesis 15:5?

God told Abraham to count the stars because He wanted him to be overwhelmed by His promises. The stars in the sky represented the promises that God made to Abraham, specifically the promise to make Abraham’s descendants into a great nation. Humans can hardly comprehend the magnificence of the night sky when it is bursting with stars, and similarly, we sometimes find it hard to comprehend God’s amazing promises!

The truth remains though that Scripture is full of God’s promises to you. He promises to always be with you, to heal you, to protect you, to teach you, to provide for you, and to always love you. Each of God’s promises is like a brilliant star shining in the night sky, and though you will never be able to count them all, God remembers each and every one!

Prayer for the day:  Thank God for making so many wonderful promises to you. Ask Him to overwhelm your heart with the magnificence of His promises in Scripture.

Get into scripture and find those promises today!! They are for you!! Speak them boldly into your life! Walk in the goodness of all that He has for you today!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Find one promise in the Word and write it down!! Memorize it, put it on the mirror so you can see it every morning!! It does wonders for your life!!

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