Trusting God!!

Have you felt God promise you something that you definitely knew without a shadow of a doubt He spoke into your life?? I have!! And then you wait… and you wait.. and you wait some more!! But God’s timing is not our timing!! If He gave every promise to us when we thought He should, we would be a mess!! God’s timing is always perfect!

God Knows All!! I have promises that He told me were mine that I’m still waiting on, and I have promises that He told me were mine that have already come to pass! If God gave me everything that He promised to me all at once, I would not learn anything in the process!

I’m going to share with you again today my devotion!! It’s talking about God’s promise to Abraham–His Heir! Are we willing to wait on our Promise?? It’s hard!! It’s discouraging at times!! But during the wait we grow in wisdom, knowledge, and patience!!

Trust in God’s Wisdom by Kong Hee

Most Christians know God has a plan for their life, but that doesn’t mean they support God’s plan for their life. Sometimes Christians think that they are wiser than God, and that any part of God’s plan that seems foolish to them is not actually what God wants. When we take on this kind of attitude, we are trying to elevate human wisdom above God’s wisdom.

Scripture teaches that the gospel may appear foolish in the eyes of man, but that in reality, it is the power and wisdom of God. Imagine the gospel through the eyes of human wisdom. The all-powerful Creator of the universe sent His only Son to live the humble life of a servant, and to ultimately be killed by sinful people. That doesn’t sound like a very wise plan according to mere human understanding. But it was through this incredible plan that God redeemed us from our sins, making a way for all of creation to be saved!

God’s plan for your life does not operate according to our limited wisdom. Like the gospel, His plan for you works according to divine wisdom. Sometimes, things may happen in God’s plan that seem foolish to you, and you may be tempted to substitute your own wisdom for God’s wisdom. However, you will only fully experience God’s perfect plan for your life when you learn to trust and delight in His wisdom.

Prayer for the day:  Pray that you will remember that nothing is impossible for God; that His plan is always a blessing, and it will be perfectly fulfilled in your life if you will trust Him fully.

I don’t know about you, but I want to trust in God’s Wisdom!!

My Tip Of The Day:  It’s a sunny day, so go outside for at least 30 minutes, take your shoes off and reflect on the promises God has spoken to You!!

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