Living In The Moment!!

Happy Weekend!!

It’s here and already busy!!

My youngest son, Ryan, and daughter in love, Danielle, had my grand baby, Sawyer’s, baby shower this morning, and my son, Chase, and his lovely bride to be, Emily, had their last wedding shower this afternoon!! I know right?? I’m just a blessed woman!!

I can tell you I’m living in the moment! I want to enjoy each and every day that I have with no regrets!! I choose to live happy!! I choose to laugh!! I choose to be positive!! I choose to Live in the Moment!!

I think Christ wants us to find the good in every day that we are allowed to live!! We all have our bad days, but what we do with those bad days is up to us on how we respond to them!! Do I always get it right? NO!! Not even close!! But I’m learning to embrace them, and see what happens when I choose to let them make me a better wife, mother and Oma! So, yes, I’m living in the moment of what God has allowed me to have!

As I look at my mother, who by the way is turning 80 in May, she has been so blessed!! She is a beautiful woman who does not even look like she’ll be 80! (I hope I have her genes!) But looking at her, she is blessed with great health! All her children are blessed with great health, as are their children!! I guess what I’m saying is when you live blessed and highly favored then you can live In the MOMENT!

I’m Blessed and Highly Favored by God!! My seed from generation to generation will be blessed!! So that’s why I choose to live in the moment!! I’m soaking it all in! Enjoying it ALL!

Be blessed today!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Laugh a little today!! Give a hug today!! Hold hands with the Love of Your Life and Live in the Moment!!

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