Happy Thursday!!

I pray that your day will be a safe and productive one!!

Sorry I haven’t been on here posting, but these past few weeks have been really busy with work and getting ready for my son’s wedding (I’m sooo excited!). Also my husband, Larry, has been ministering some and getting ready for special services that you have to prepare your hearts and minds for! I also got to teach an adult Bible class on Sunday. Have you ever heard someone say, “Be instant in season and out of season.”? Well, I literally experienced that this past weekend. Teaching an adult Bible class is something I’ve never done, but with God’s help we made it through and I actually enjoyed it!😁

So you can see, it’s been a little crazy around here! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Take each new day with the purpose of loving on Him and pursuing your purpose in life! Some days will be hard, but MOST days are Really, Really Good!!

“Happiness is not in things; it’s in you.” (Robert Holden) So, find something that you enjoy today and do it!! Don’t be too busy to stop and smell the roses!!

Enjoy the rain clouds as well as the sunshine, and Be Blessed!!

My Tip Of The Day: If you’re having a busy day or week, make a list of things that need to get done, then as you accomplish each thing check it off as finished. Look back on your list and you will feel great about all that got done!!

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