You’re Never Too Old!

Some people think just because they are getting older that their season in ministry is finished. It is never finished until our last breath has been breathed out!

I love our older generation! I love to hear their stories of how God has been so good to them. And how they still love working for the Lord, like they have No desire to Quit. I believe that should make us all want to strive to be like that. There is No Quitting Place!

Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born! Moses was 80 when he spoke to Pharaoh! Methuselah was 187 when his son Lamech was born, and he lived to be 969 years before he died! So what I’m saying is you are Never Too Old to be used by God! Don’t hang your hat just yet, there is work to be done and He wants you and I to do it!!

I’ve been meeting some precious saints these past few months who still enjoy working for the Lord! There is a drive deep down inside of them that says God Still Needs Me!

This sweet sister still leads song service at 80 years young!

My sweet sister here will be 102 years young and is still very faithful to church! She loves the Lord with all her heart!

This sweet lady is in her 90s and still helps he church wherever she is needed!

And this beautiful woman right here is my momma!! She is turning 80 years old this month!! She’s over the senior ministry, door greeter, and the Mother of MGC!

So let us get busy! There’s work to be done! Don’t waste time thinking you’re to young or too old, God just wants to use you!!

My Tip of the Day:  Seek God in what He wants you to be doing, then do it with passion and persistence! God will ELEVATE you!

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