Your Purpose!!

Are you living out your purpose in life? Do you get up every morning, thinking what is my purpose today? What am I going to do today that has meaning? I think we all have those days where we say what have I accomplished in life?

Well I believe that we are all  unique in our own special way! My purpose in life may not look like your purpose, and, guess what? That’s OK! Wouldn’t you hate to live in a world where we all had the same purpose? That would be a little boring, don’t you think?

My purpose in life is to love hard! Appreciate the things that God has allowed me to have! Cherish life’s ups and downs. Those ups and downs help build character! TI want to be the best mom, wife, and “Oma” to my grand babies!! To serve God with all my heart! To be a witness, and to share the good news of Christ!!

Your purpose in life may look different than mine. Like I said, that’s OK! Just make sure that today you embrace your purpose. Take your destiny and excel! Press On! You Have a Purpose!

If you are reading this and say to yourself, I don’t know what my purpose is, pray and seek the Lord! Ask Him to show you! He will reveal your purpose! He wants great things for us!

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My Tip Of The Day:  Think of one thing that you enjoy doing. Does it make you feel happy? Does it make you feel complete and joyful? If so, then make sure you take the time to do it! Don’t say, maybe later or next time! Nope! Today is the Day!!

I bought this little summer dress from Asos! Great price and really comfy!!

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