Sunday Sunday!!

I pray you all had a great Sunday of worship and being with your brothers and sisters in the Lord! We had a wonderful service! The worship and message spoke to my spirit!!

I hope you take what you heard at Sunday service and apply it to your week. I know for me, as the week tends to get busy, I easily forget the message that I heard on Sunday. Why? Because life can overtake us if we allow it! We live in a world where circumstances arise, but how we deal with those circumstances will help us keep our sanity! That’s why we need our Sunday worship time in the house of the Lord, and also our midweek service. And it doesn’t just stop there; it’s our everyday walk with Him!!

So apply what you heard today to every day of this week!! Draw from it! Lean into it! Take it to Heart! Live it!

Be Blessed this Sunday!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Pay it forward today to someone! Bless them! You might not know the person, but I promise you will bring a smile to their face!

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