Still Growing!

Are you still growing in your faith? Do you always learn something new when you read the Word? We need to continually be growing in our faith! We need to be learning something new every chance we get about our Walk with Him!

I’m 55 years old and there are times that I will read something in the Word and it jumps out at me in a totally different way! We are never too old to learn the things of God!

My heart’s desire is to learn from Him everyday! I never want to shut myself off, thinking that I have all that I need! I will be the first to tell you that I don’t have it all together. I’m not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, but I will say that I’m striving to know more! I’m striving as a Daughter of the King to grow in Him EVERYDAY!!

Photo by (Phil. 3:12-14)

So let us strive to press on, whatever it takes, to keep growing in Jesus Our Lord and Savior!! He Loves us, and He has so much that He wants to give us!!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Keep a book (or Bible) with you at all times, Every time you get a chance pull it out and read it. I’m finding that when I’m at the hair salon, or getting a pedi, or at some other appointment and I’m just sitting there, I can be learning!! Remember; We Are Never Too Old To Learn!

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