Loving One Another!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I hope you’re having some much needed down time on this Memorial Day Weekend. Larry and I are with family this weekend in Branson, MO. We have been coming to the same place (Tanglewood Lodge) for 25 years; we’ve made lots of memories here! We watched our children grow up here, and now they have children of their own! It’s been great sitting around reminiscing about all the good times we have had here.

I want to share with you my daily devotion. I’ve been hearing a lot of messages lately on loving one another, and right now our world can use a lot more love! It hurts me when I hear about kids killing kids, or kids killing their parents or grandparents! Where has the Love of Christ gone to? It’s still here! We just have to have the Love of Christ in us so it can be seen in and through us!

We can also kill by just saying things! Proverbs 18:21 tells us, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” Help Me Lord! Sometimes our tongues kill! Or we avoid people who may seem just a little different than us! I’m guilty! I’ve been there! I’m working on the things the Lord is showing me while writing this blog.

I hope you enjoy the devotion that I’m going to share with you today:

It’s easy to love kind, lovely, humble people. I mean, who wouldn’t? These are the ones I’ve spent much of my life loving. Loving the people who are easy to love made me feel like I was really good at it. Because the people I loved were kind and wonderful, they made sure they told me what a great job I was doing loving them.

What I’ve come to realize, though, is that I was avoiding the people I didn’t understand and the ones who lived differently than me. Here’s why: some of them creep me out. Sure, I was polite to them, but sadly, I’ve spent my whole life avoiding the people Jesus spent His whole life engaging. God’s idea isn’t that we would just give and receive love but that we could actually become love. The way we do this can be summarized like this: His plan is that we would love everybody, always.

People who are becoming love see the beauty in others even when their off-putting behavior makes for a pretty weird mask. What Jesus told His friends can be summed up in this way: He wants us to love everybody, always—and start with the people who creep us out. The truth is, we probably creep them out as much as they do us.

Are there people you should give a wide berth to? You bet! There are people in my life and yours who are unsafe, toxic, and delight in sowing discord wherever they go. God gave us discernment, and we should use it as we live our lives. He’s also given us love and understanding and kindness and the ability to forgive, which have power we often leave untapped. There’s a difference between good judgment and living in judgment. The trick is to use lots of the first and to go a little lighter on the second if we want to live the big life Jesus talked about.  (from Bob Goff’s book, Everybody, Always)

I pray you have a Bessed Sunday and enjoy your family and friends!

My Tip Of The Day:  Make sure you have your sunscreen on if you’re in the sun!! Also keep the bug spray on hand! But mostly enjoy your weekend, eat good food and laugh a lot!!

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