Be Still!!

Photo by Etsy

I love this verse!! I know for me a lot of the times that I get so busy with life, I try to figure everything out on my own, and I forget to lean on God for guidance and direction for my life!

So, here’s my challenge to you, (and me), the next time you are faced with a difficult challenge or decision, and you’re running around trying to figure out what to do next, quote Psalm 46:10, “Be Still and know that I am God,” remembering that He is on the throne waiting for us to just give it all to Him! Find time to just be still and LISTEN!

Summer is here, so try to find a little time just to relax and Be Still!

Hope you have a blessed weekend!! Do something FUN!

My Tip Of The Day:  It’s starting to get hot out there, so make sure you stay hydrated! It also makes your skin look radiant when you’re drinking a lot of water! I have to admit, it’s been really hard lately for me to get all my water down, but I’m trying! So maybe we can hold each other accountable!

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