To The Daddies Everywhere!! 

Happy Sunday!

Happy Fathers Day!

Some of you may be like me, and not have your fathers with you today! Mine is in Heaven celebrating this day! I miss him a lot and think of him daily! Now I celebrate Father’s Day with my husband, who is the father of our 2 sons, and my youngest son, who is the father of our 1st grandson, Grayson Stone, and our 2nd grandson, (who is due any day now!), Sawyer Brooke.

There are so many memories that I have of my father, that I can’t even begin to tell them all! So, on days like today, I do a lot of reminiscing about my dad and how he loved God and his family with all his heart! He worked hard, preached hard, and prayed hard! He was a Man of Integrity, with a whole lot of Wisdom and a very Meek and Humble Spirit!! He was also my ROCK!! He will never be forgotten in my Book!!

But I also have a Heavenly Father with me every minute, and every second of  every day and He Is My Rock! He never leaves or forsakes me! He is always there when I call on Him! He’s a Good Good Father!

1 Corthians 4:15 says, (Let me paraphrase) ‘the church has many instructors, but we lack real fathers in this day and time that we live in! God is calling our men to step up and be the Fathers that He has called them to be! Take a young man under your wing and mentor them, show them how to be Godly Men and Fathers so they can pass it along to their Sons!’

My feeling on this is that we, as the older saints, have failed at this very thing, and God calls us to teach the young so they will know the ways, then they are to teach the next generation! That’s what is called the snowball effect!

I pray for my husband and sons every day! I pray that God will lead them and guide them, that they will be the Godly men they are suppose to be! Are they perfect? No. But they try hard and I’m very proud of them for that! I’m a very blessed woman!

So, Happy Fathers Day! Enjoy your children and rise up and and be the Mighty Man of God that He has Called You to be!!

My Tip Of The Day:  Tell your dad how much you love him today! Spend some time with him! That way you will have No Regrets!

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