Expectancy In The Wait!!

It’s already Wednesday, and I hope your week has been great so far! I pray everyone had a blessed weekend and you enjoyed it by doing things that you loved. Mine was busy, but hey, who doesn’t live life busy anymore??

I want to share with you something that I feel the Lord has been speaking to me. If you are waiting on a special prayer to be answered, or if you feel that God has you in a holding pattern, then you should wait with expectancy! That means you continue to work, or have a goal in mind, for whatever you’re waiting on!

A woman who is pregnant for 9 months begins preparing on day one for her baby to arrive. She does not wait for the baby to be born, NO, she starts right way! She prepares the nursery, buys items that she needs for the baby, has baby showers given, she does all this for the day of the arrival of her baby! The doctor has given her a due date, but who knows when that child will actually arrive? It could come early or late! But, in the wait for this child, she is waiting with expectancy! She is planning!

That’s the way we should be in waiting for whatever God has shown you! If God is calling you to start a ministry, with much prayer you should plan for it! If you’re wanting to lose weight, you have to start doing something different in your lifestyle to help you lose the desired weight! (I think we could all relate to that one!)

All I’m saying is you have to work in expectancy of knowing that whatever you have been praying, and God has told you that it’s coming, then you need to be working like it’s going to happen the second He tells you! You don’t know HOW or WHEN but it will come to pass!

Noah worked for 120 years building the Ark, and preached to the people that it was going to rain! When God told him to build it he did not hesitate!! HE EXPECTED!!

Be Blessed today!!

Today’s outfit cost me less than $60! Top is from ASOS, American Eagle Jeans, Shoes are from PoshMark . I love to shop cheap, but still have good quality clothing.

My Tip Of The Day:  Write on a piece of paper what God is showing you, your dreams and goals! Then, with expectancy, begin to work and Pray over the goals Everyday! He will show you what to do next!

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