Are You Excited!?!?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I pray that this day finds you doing well in Body, Mind, and Soul!!

I want to encourage you today to get excited about the life that you have been given! I’m preaching to the choir here, but it’s high time that we quit walking around in defeat, and enjoy the blessings of the Lord! All His blessings are NEW every Morning! I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anyone else that can do that for me! He’s a Powerful God who NEVER FAILS! Now that’s something to be excited about!

I heard my nephew say this last night in service (Camp-meeting all week), he said prophesy to yourself! And when he said that I thought YES, we need to speak to ourselves when we don’t feel like being excited about His blessings!

We really don’t have it bad at all! I’m not going hungry, I’m not sleeping outside on the ground, I’m not naked! But I have Health and Wealth! Wealth in the Blessings that He gives me everyday!

So get Excited today! Think about one thing that God has done for you today! Write it down! Then tomorrow do it again! I promise this will make you so happy in the Lord that you won’t even think on the negatives in your life!!

Ok, I have some exciting news to share! My husband and I are planning two mission trips! One in October and the other in February, so please be praying for us and the Will of God!!

I’m having T-SHIRTS made to sell that will have my Blog logo on it! BEAUTIFULU with the verse Isaiah 61:3!! All the funds from selling this T-shirt will go to help fund our Mission Trips! So if you would like one, I’ll be placing orders! Hopefully I will be posting tomorrow a picture of what they will look like!!

Have a great evening and Be Blessed!!

This top I got at Dillards on the sale rack for $9.99, (I love sales!),  I got the dress slacks from Burlington and they are Jones NY! Shoes are Jessica Simpson–I got these back in May to wear to my Son’s Wedding! Pants and top together were less than $25, now that excites me!

My Tip of the Day:  When you’re feeling low or lonely, get outside and take a walk! While you’re walking talk to God and begin to thank Him for all His Blessings! You will begin to feel better about yourself and Your Life!

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