Having Your Sabbath!!

I hope this Blog finds you doing well! It’s been so busy lately, that I’ve put off writing and sharing my thoughts!

This week we had the privilege of going to the Gateway Pastors and Leadership Conference and was it ever a Now Time for my Husband and me! Just to sit and soak up the Word and to be in the presence of God was so refreshing!!

One thing that I took away from this week was having your Day Of Sabbath! We get so busy that we don’t take a day to just rest and soak in some down time for ourselves, and reflect on the Goodness of our Savior!

I really don’t feel that God is pleased with all this busy-ness! When we don’t take time for Sabbath it causes fatigue, anxiety, depression, and Burnout–and we sure don’t want to be in a place like that! I’ve been there, and believe me when I say it’s not only you who feel the effects of this but also the ones that are closest to you!

So, take a day and call it your Sabbath! Sit and read, listen to good worship music; turn off your TV and unplug from the devices that distract you. With the way society is right now, I believe we could all use a little bit of that!

Let God speak to you about this! Let Him show you what Your Sabbath should look like! He will Lead and Guide You in what you should do!

This special lady, Mary Jo Pierce, wrote the Adventures In Prayer 40 Day Prayer Journal and Follow Me! I encourage you to read them both! It will be life changing!

My Man of God, Larry, and I just taking it ALL in!

My Tip Of The Day:  Find someone today and Say,”You’re My Neighbor, and I Love You”!

Mark 12:31 “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself!”

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