God Is With Us!!

He’s walking with us each and everyday!! Every second of the day. He’s not to faraway that His Hand won’t reach out and take hold of us when we think that we’ve gone the last mile.

There is a song (oldie) I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand!! It’s a very true song. I can’t make it one day without Him!

I can remember as a little girl I would go and crawl into bed with mom and dad, he would lay his arm out across the bed and I would lay my head down and sleep so peacefully!! There’s just something about a daddy’s hands!

Well that’s the way my Heavenly Father is. He’ll take His arms and just wrap you up in them. Then he will whisper in a still small voice and say, I’ve got you!! Your not alone! I’m right here with You!!

Isn’t that an amazing feeling to know that?? It is for me!! It brings a whole new meaning of His Grace and Love!!

So take heart! Your not alone on this journey! He’s walking right there with you!! Your surrounded by His LOVE!!

My Tip Of The Day!! Hug someone today!! They really made need to feel loved!!

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