Good Friday

You might say why do we call the day of Jesus’ crucifixion Good Friday?? Actually I have asked myself the same question!!

I believe He knew He was sent here by God to be crucified for the sins of you and I!! He knew that if He didn’t that we would have no Hope in this world!!

As they were placing Him on the cross, He prayed, Father forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34. He took the beatings and the torture Then the final step at the cross for my sins!! I’m so thankful that He did!! Now I not only have life here, but I have an eternal life after this life!

But there is something I must do. It’s to call on the Name Of Jesus, repent and be saved! Live a life that is set apart from the world!!

Good Friday means to me (because of what He went through just for me)! Yes and for you!! He laid down His life freely for me!!

So today don’t take it lightly of what He has done for you!! Think about your choices today, think about your actions today!! Then STOP and THINK about HIM dying on the Cross for You!!

But SUNDAY Is Coming!!

Have a Great Good Friday!!

My Tip If The Day!! Set down today and read in the Bible (Matthew chapter 27) and let the words speak to you of what He went through!!

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