His Beginning!!

Happy Palm Sunday!!

Reflecting on Christ life this morning, and how He knew that He was fixing to face the cross so that we might have life!!

Then I think about His mother Mary, how she must have felt knowing that her son was going to lay down His life for the sins of this world!! The anguish that she felt is very hard for me to even begin to imagine!

John 19:26 when Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple standing by, whom He loved, He saith unto His Mother, Woman, behold thy son!!

That speaks volumes to me!! The tears that she must have cried that day was not in VAIN!!

Jesus knew that it was something that He had to do so that we might have life (eternal life).

But listen it just doesn’t stop there!! Aren’t you glad?? He’s alive today!! I feel Him everyday walking this journey with ME!

He’s ALIVE!! Hosanna The King Of Kings!!

Today was His Beginning to His Beginning!!!

Be blessed today!!

My Tip Of The Day! Follow me each day this week! We will talk about the days leading up to The crucifixion!!

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