Let God Lead!!

I pray everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!! I sure did! It was busy but really good!! We went Easter Egg hunting with my grand baby Grayson, and tried to get him to take a picture with the Easter bunny but he was not having it!!

I went to my Mommas house and done her table setting for spring (I’ll show you pictures in a bit), my honey pie drove me by to visit my dad’s grave. As I was cleaning off all the old flowers, I began to cry. My heart ached wishing I could just talk to him one more time!! I miss him a lot! But one of these days I’ll see him again if I hold out Faithful and True to God!!!

What a reunion that will be when I see him and other family and friends that have gone before me!! This journey will be worth it!!

You and I are on a journey down here!! God is taking us places that we would never thought we would go, but something changes on the inside of us that makes our heart shift for a greater compassion than ever before. You don’t understand it, your trying to figure it out but He says just put your hand in mine and let me guide you along!!

Sometimes we just don’t have it together, and yes sometimes all of the T’s and I’s are not dotted and crossed like we think they should be, but that’s trusting that God Knows all and He has us in His Hands!!

Proverbs 3:5 says to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts, and lean not to our own understanding. I don’t know about you but sometimes that’s hard for me to do!! When the journey your On has no assurance of where or what you will be doing. But God!! He Knows!! I’m trusting Him!! How about you?? This is Not just a one day Journey, but everyday we are on a journey that’s taking us someplace with someone who Knows IT ALL!!

Be blessed today!! Find peace, rest, and let God Lead!!

Grayson finding those eggs!!

Grayson’s Pappy and daddy!! It was cold egg hunting!!

This is my Mommas table plate setting that I did for her!! She loved it!! Love those springtime colors!!

My Tip Of The Day! Start your spring cleaning by just doing one room a day. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff that’s in each room!! Take a room, then breath deep and jump right in! You’ll feel better when it’s all done!!

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