Love Month ❤️❤️

So last night we went to a valentines Banquet that our church was putting on!!! I love celebrating valentines!! I know that we show each other everyday that we love each other (or we should), but there is something about Valentines that I love!! Getting dressed up, buying a mooshy card, maybe a small gift, but theirs nothing like celebrating each other on this one special day!!

So go out and enjoy yourselves!! Let’s not take each other for granted!!

It’s really nice here today so I’m dressing cute casual for the banquet! Here’s my outfit that I’m wearing!!

Yes you can still wear white after Labor Day and before spring! I bought these white Jeans at T.J. Max a few years back! I love them because their stretchy! The black top was bought at a Women’s Shelter Thrift Store! My purse is a Kate Landry given to me for my birthday from my sister Beverly! I love this purse! My black shoes are BCBG generation bought at Dillards.

We’ll get into shopping in my later post! You’ll find I don’t spend a lot on my clothes!!

Have a great weekend and stay warm! We are suppose to get ice on tonight into Sunday!!

My Tip Of The Day! Make your Valentine feel special this year!! He deserves it!!

7 thoughts on “Love Month ❤️❤️

  1. You are always so beautiful and love your style. The banquet was great. Loved our time together. Thank you for your blog. 💕


  2. Love what you are doing Kim , God has given you much wisdom and you are following his guidance, his hand is upon you . Love you girl.♥️♥️


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