Taking Care Of Our Beauty!!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!!

I hope y’all are having a great day so far!

I want to talk with you all today about taking care of our skin. It is getting close to summer and those hot sunny days are closing in on us!! Which I’m excited about!! I absolutely love all my seasons!!

Ok here we go!! Please, Please be wearing your sunscreen! Don’t leave your house without it!! Actually you need to be wearing your sunscreen all the time, Not Just Summer!! I have to be honest with you, growing up I never did! We would go swimming at the creek as kids and be out in the sun all day, and I would get blistered! So now I have what we call sun spots, which doesn’t look so good when wearing short sleeves!

I was also allergic to a lot os sunscreens so I didn’t want to take the time to find something that was right for me!!

Well I finally Did!! And I love these items!! And my skin is not allergic to them!

The Dermatologist told me about Blue Lizard, and I can put it on and no allergic reaction which I LOVE! You can get it at Walgreens less than 25.00! They also have it for small children. The Clinique Super City block is wonderful! I put it on everyday just on my face!! I don’t normally wear makeup a lot a makeup through the week so this is perfect! It has a little tint to it so it smooths out your skin, so it makes you look like you have some type of foundation in! You can get this product at Ulta for around 26.00! Don’t leave Home Without it!!

I don’t tan anymore either! Outside or tanning beds!! If I do lay out it’s just for a little while! A little vitamin D is good for you but baking yourself is not!! However I like having a little color on my arms and legs, so I found the L’Oreal Sublim Towelettes!! Oh my!! I loves these!! And they work!! Not that orang color either!! Make sure to wash your hands after you use them!! Also I put a little lotion around my ankles to keep the color from being to thick there, it gives it a more even look!! Love this stuff!! You can get this at Ulta for 11.99!! Great price and there is 6 towelettes to a box! You will love them!!

I hope you enjoyed this post today and I pray it’s helpful!! I believe Christ wants us to have wisdom when it comes to our bodies!! I just wished I had learned a lot sooner than I did!!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them!! I’ll help you as much as I can!! Be blessed!!

My Tip Of The Day!! If you feel that you can’t afford these products, there is cheaper ones that work just as well! So you may need to try different varieties!! These are just the ones that work for me!! Just Wear SUNSCREEN!!

One thought on “Taking Care Of Our Beauty!!

  1. Thank you for the information, I was not aware of some of these products.
    I really enjoy reading your blog everyday.
    Love you Kimberly


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