This Beautiful Weekend!!

Wow this has already been a busy day and the weekend is just getting started!! I love Easter weekend. Birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, family cookouts, shopping, but most importantly Easter Sunday Service!! Which I like to call Happy Resurrection Day!!

I sat yesterday just thinking about what He done for me and something on the inside began to stir!! I’m so thankful for the cross and what it represents!!

So yes, To me Easter is more that the egg hunts and the shopping, but I’m thankful that God has allowed me a life to where I’m able to do those things!!

I’m blessed beyond measure!! Wow, God loves me that much that He has blessed me with a beautiful life!! I don’t want to take this weekend for granted, or any DAYS for that matter!! I want to live a life pleasing to Him!!

So enjoy this weekend with your family and friends!! Live life to the fullest, and be grateful!!

1Timothy 1:14 says the Grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly , along with the faith and the love that are in Christ Jesus.

Be Blessed this beautiful Resurrection Weekend!! Enjoy this life that God has allowed you to have!!

Sorry that the picture is a little dark but yes this was taken in the dark!! Lol! Top was bought from White House Black Market on clearance for $9.99. My kind of shopping!! The jeans are skinny high waisted from American Eagle and my booties are Vince Camuto from Poshmark at a very great price!! My purse was bought from Goodwill and had never been used for $4! Yep love this kind of shopping!!!

My Tip Of The Day! If your shopping for Easter clothes, check around! You don’t have to pay big prices for new clothes!!

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