I Choose Yes!!

Good Morning Ladies!!

I got up this morning and looked outside and saw the snow coming down! I love a really good snow! To me, it makes me stop, rest and enjoy some very much needed down time!

As I was reading my devotion this morning, it struck me really hard about how we say NO to God’s YES!

I have never thought of it that way, but I can say that we are all guilty of doing it one time or another! For me, I like knowing what I’m doing each day! I like planning my whole year in advance, (Yes, I’m one of those), but that really doesn’t give God a chance to work in my life because I have already closed myself off to something new that God wants to do in my life!

I’m going to Share my devotion with you today, so read it and examine yourself as I did! Lord Help Me!

To Risk or Not to Risk

I often find myself asking God for an open door, guidance, wisdom, a sign, whatever. When I look back at my life, there are specific places I wonder why I never experienced ‘Yes’ for that season. Now don’t misjudge me, I’m fully aware that God often says ‘No’ or ‘Wait’ but if I’m truthful, sometimes I play a major role in the outcome. In reality, the door was opened, the opportunity given, the dream set in motion, the invitation handed out, but I closed the door on my ‘Yes.’ I opted for safe because the opposition intensified or the risk seemed too great.

I could have started that business or written that book. I could have made a new friend, taken the class, applied for the job, moved to that city…but I said no. It wasn’t God shutting the door, it was me.

The wonderful thing about life is that each one of us has choice to participate in it. We aren’t robots set on a never changing course.

I’m drawn to the story titled the ‘Rich young ruler’ in the Bible. Poor guy, he gets such a bad rap in sermons for choosing money over Jesus. But was that all? It says he was able to honestly answer Jesus that he had kept all the commandments, so obviously, he was faithful and obedient with the choices he had been previously given. As I read his story, I wonder if the risk seemed too great? Sell everything, come, follow me. Leave the security of faithfulness to the law, give up his control and follow a relationship with no sure outcome. Jesus opened the door wide, gave him a ‘Yes’ and told him exactly how to get there. He chose to close it.

So many doors I’ve closed when God offered ‘Yes’ and yet he still makes good out of my not-best choices. His mercies are new every morning and I get to participate in the trajectory of my life today. I may have given up that chance but He hasn’t given up on me.

Have you ever been aware of a time when you said ‘No’ to God’s obvious ‘Yes’? What risk is God asking you to take so that you can experience His ‘Yes’?

Jesus, I admit I have often allowed control, comfort or fear to convince me to close a door you have opened. Sometimes the chance comes again and sometimes it doesn’t. Give me the faith to follow your lead and take the risk. I want to have eyes to see and a heart that chooses ‘Yes’ when you open the next door.

Devotion from Youversion Bible App.

My Tip Of The Day: Make yourself a good pot of warm soup to enjoy today!! Cozy up and watch a good movie, read a book, or take a nap! You Choose!



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