Pleasing Only God!!

It’s been a great day so far! I got up this morning and went to church to worship the King of Kings! Then off to lunch with family and friends! A lot of hugging and kissing for and from my Grands! Get ’em while you can, right?

I just read a post on Facebook that really tugged at my heart! This person was, and is, evidently having a hard time pleasing everyone! My heart is broken for her! How many of us at one time or another have been guilty of this very thing? I still struggle with being a people pleaser at times! But Jesus Christ, Our Father, is the only one we are to please!

People’s standards can be set so high sometimes, and let’s just face it, we cannot ever reach those ridiculously high expectations! That’s why we should always seek the Father about what He wants for us! Read the Word! It’s a roadmap that will never lead you astray!

So try with all your being just to please the Lord! Everything else will fall into place!

Listen to His still small voice! You will hear Him say, “That’s my daughter and I Am PLEASED!!

Have a great Sunday!!

Pappy Getting some loves!!

My Tip Of The Day: Do something today that you enjoy, but will also make The Father Smile down upon you!

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