When It’s Pruning Time!

I pray everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! We hosted a family gathering at my house on Monday and it was Awesome! Food, Fun, and Fellowship followed by an outdoor movie! Now That’s Fun!

Tonight as I was outside working on my rose bushes, (which I have totally neglected this past year), I got to thinking about how God shows us things in our lives that may be a dead weight to us, and starts his Fatherly duty to prune off all the old dead stuff that is trying to hang onto the NEW GROWTH that is beginning to spring forth!

I looked at that rose bush and saw vibrant green and dark red leaves coming out, but as I looked a little further down the stem, I saw the old dead leaves and branches that needed to be cut off! WHY you might ask? Well here is my answer: anything dead literally keeps life from happening! It’s like a cancer; it eats away the new or live skin or organ. That’s what happens to a plant, the dead will overtake that plant and kill it if you don’t prune away the old dead stuff!

So the same happens to our spirit man! If we don’t take care of the old dead things that weigh us down, they will begin to eat away at out JOY, our STRENGTH, our PEACE, and list goes on… That’s why we must allow the Holy Ghost to prune those things that should not be in us and our hearts.

It’s not easy. It hurts to be pruned. Our old flesh would like to hang onto those things to keep us from moving forward. It’s that naughty word called PRIDE. 😬 But when we let Christ begin this process we will be better for it! There will be New Growth, Life Springs back into us! HE BREATHES LIFE INTO US!

So let’s let the Pruning begin! Ask God to show you where He needs to begin and HE will, believe ME!

I pray you are blessed today. Let Nothing hold you back from where HE wants to take you!

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