You Are Beautiful!

I just want to encourage all you ladies today and tell you that You are Beautiful and You are Loved! I don’t know the circumstances that you may be in right now, or why you may be feeling this way, but God designed you just the way He wanted you to be!

Society will tell us that we need to be a certain weight, or our skin needs to be flawless; every woman needs to look and be like the Woman that is on all the magazine covers! But I’m here today to give you some GOOD NEWS!

God loves you just the way you are! You are the Apple of HIS Eye! He has made you in His Image! Sure I believe that we need to take care of our bodies, eat right and exercise, because we are His Temple, and if you are doing those things, then LOVE yourself just the way you are!

You are His Daughter! You are the King’s Daughter! How is that for some Good News!

Beauty is how you love yourself, how you see yourself! Beauty is loving you! If WE don’t love US, then how can we expect others to see the Beauty that God created us to be? We might be flawed physically or emotionally, but I still believe that if we would look at ourselves and begin the process of finding the beauty that is within, (for that truly is where beauty begins), then we have just mastered the Art Of Beauty!

Love You For You! You Are Beautiful!

“Behold, how beautiful you are, my darling, Behold, how beautiful you are! Your eyes are dove’s eyes.”                                    ‭‭Song of SOLOMON‬ ‭1:15‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Be Blessed Today!!

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