Fall Is Here!!

I live in Arkansas and usually by now the trees have turned their vibrant colors, but this year it seems as though it’s taking its time to fully show the beautiful colors! I just hope that we don’t go from summer to winter! (Although I do like snow)😉

I have always loved the fall season. There’s just something special about the crisp mornings and evenings that I enjoy! I love my flavored coffees and pots of different kinds of soups throughout the weeks. To me it’s all about snuggling up with a cozy throw and watching the Hallmark channel. I love when things begin to slow down just so you can take a breath and relax! So, Yes, I LOVE fall!

I want to encourage you ladies to slow down and take a breather. Stop and enjoy this time of year and  engage in some fun activities; go crafting, decorate your home in fall colors, shop at some flea markets and thrift stores, or sit down and grab a cup of your favorite drink with a friend and relax! It’s OK, I give you permission!

You ask me How in the world can I make that happen? It’s called prioritization! (Something that I’m having to learn as well!)

Ask God to help you and show you ways that you can begin NOW to enjoy your life and this beautiful season that we are in! It may be just saying NO to some things that are on your to-do list that really aren’t that important! You know, we all have those lists where we have taken on more than we should, and it’s really not benefiting us or the task at hand!

God intends for us to be good stewards of our time! He wants us to enjoy our lives while we are here on this earth!

Ecclesiastes 3:9-11 asks us, “What benefit does the worker have in his toil? I have seen the task that God has given to sons of men to be concerned with. He has made everything beautiful in its appropriate time. ”

Remember this: Enjoy this season of life that we are in! Take time to love, embrace, and just give a smile to someone; they may really need it!

Have a Blessed Fall Day!!

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