The Day After!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m sure by now everyone is starting their Christmas shopping, and/or their Christmas decorating! While you are busy with those Black Friday sales, getting out your Christmas decor, and planning the month of December like nobody’s business, I just want to remind you to Slow Down and enjoy this time of year and spread a little cheer!

This morning I got up and started planning my day! It’s my day off from work, and I’m already almost done with all my Christmas shopping, so I thought I would start  decorating! I stood and looked at all the boxes and said to myself, ‘Just one box at a time,’ and hopefully I will be finished before Christmas gets here!!

I love Christmas! It’s one of my favorite holidays, so I savor every moment hoping to make some great memories throughout the season!

So today, the day after Thanksgiving, I sit back and enjoy the ride, I Drink my coffee, think about how wonderful yesterday was being with my family and the feeling of being thankful overwhelms me! I am truly Blessed!

So Ladies, can I ask a question? What was one thing that happened on Thanksgiving this year that you will always cherish? Feel free to leave me a comment!!

Be Happy and Enjoy this Blessed Season!!

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