Under Construction!!

Happy Friday to all You Beautiful Ladies!  I hope you have some wonderful plans for this weekend! My husband and I are keeping our Grand Boys tonight and part of the day on Saturday! I always love these moments! They are a handful BUT in a Good way!!

I passed by a house on Thursday that is under construction. Now this house has sat empty for several years; weeds over took the yard and the house itself was beginning to decay.

I love to look at houses that are being restored back to their former glory, and that’s exactly what’s happening to this house! Someone has come in and started working on the house, adding a room on the back, fixing the roof, and cleaning up the yard. Now it’s not completely done, but it’s well on its way to its former glory!

Every morning when I drive by on my way to work, I can’t wait to see what they did the day before, (if there are any noticeable changes), and most days there’s something new to see!

When I drove by on Thursday morning the Holy Spirit spoke to me and brought this to my mind:  Before we got saved we were like an old worn out house needing repairs and restoration! Weeds had grown up around our hearts, our minds were in a shamble, and in many cases even our bodies were tattered and torn from sin and the choices we had made! The window panes of our hearts were dirty and shattered by hurt.

Once we came to (or back to) know the Lord, (our personal Savior), that’s when the work began. He started weeding things out of our hearts, building our lives back so that we can be a witness (testimony) to others who need Him.

Everyday God does something new in our lives if we only let Him! He takes something out of nothing and makes it beautiful again! Sometimes it can be instant, but sometimes it’s a process!

I’m still a process in the making! I’m like that old house that each day something is being  fixed or added new to it! God is weeding each and every day! I don’t have it all together, but guess what? He’s still working on ME! And, most importantly, He Loves Me in the process!

So let Him take you from something old, run down, and messed up and make you new and beautiful! Our Loving Heavenly Father is the only one who can do That!!!My Tip Of The Day:  Don’t be around people and things that are NEGATIVE to you! If certain things that you are doing in your life bring you down, refocus and find something that brings a POSITIVE outlook to you in Your Life!!

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