Putting Things In Perspective..

So just to start things off, I pray that this blog post finds you healthy and happy!! This past year Was a trying year to say the least and not just for me and my family but so many in the world!

So let’s just say even though it was rough not being able to see our loved ones quarantined from things in our everyday lives, work, church, eating out, shopping God was still good to me! My husband and I stayed healthy, our jobs continued as usual, never missed a bill and had plenty to eat and never ran out of toilet paper!😜 I know that was funny but so true!

For me it made me look at MY life so differently. Even in the smallest details, I took a hard long look. Not getting to spend time with family and friends, or not sitting in the pew on Sunday’s worshipping with my church family, just so many things I believe that we take our lives for granted!

During quarantine And things slowed down for Larry and I, I begin to reflect on things that I had laid aside because life had been so busy. Working in my yard, taking care of my home, exercising, taking care of my health, blogging, hanging out with family and friends, it’s was almost as if I had lost interest in the things that I Loved and cared for for!

During the end of this past summer I decided that those things were my enjoyment and they made me happy ( and actually was therapy for me), and guess what God even wants me to have those things in my life! I looked at myself and in small steps I began to add those things back into my life! Things that I really Love!

So let me ask you this question, Is there things in your life that you love to do but because life may have thrown you a curve ball you have taken those wonderful things and just laid them to the side? Well it’s a new year, AND A New DAY. Don’t wait any longer! Enjoy those things that have brought you comfort, peace, and happiness into your life!

We need to Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Life that God has allowed us to have! So when life gets busy, slow down and JUST BREATHE and look at the GOODNESS OF GOD!

Tip Of The Day!

Each morning when you get up, pour yourself a cup of coffee or whatever you like, open your curtains back, find you a cozy spot to sit, and in the quite just sit and reflect upon all the good things in your life!

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.””
‭‭Lamentations‬ ‭3:22-24‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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