Hey Ladies! I hope this post finds you well, loved, and Happy! It’s been a great week and I feel like I got so much stuff accomplished!

At our church (IMPACT) the word for this year is to RESET. Reset your priorities, such as your health, your relationships, your time with God, even your finances! What ever you feel that needs to be Reset!

I had mine all laid out this year but then I was hit with life situations and my Reset list had to be placed on hold! Sometimes we feel like we are on hold because something else has taken priority, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our Reset goals! Not At All!

You may be thinking, ‘I have been put on hold so there is no place to start now’, or ‘I’ll just wait until the new year rolls around’, or ‘it must not be that great of a Reset if I’m already having oppositions!’ Well I’m here to tell you that today IS the day! There’s a saying “There’s no time like the present,“ and I agree with that! You just have to start! Like you, I had some opposition this year that has put me behind on a few things, but am I going to let that hold me back? No!! I’m determined that a RESET has to start in my life today! I’m the only one who can decide for myself; no one else can do it for me!

So I encourage you today to RESET your thought process, get busy, start now! Don’t hold anything back! Reset your life for the better! You have something to give. Don’t wait any longer!!

This is a picture of me from recovering after neck surgery! It’s great getting back to normal!

Tip Of The Day: Get a piece of paper and write down all your Reset goals! And then get busy! You will feel so good about yourself!! Hugs 🤗

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