You Have A Story To Tell!!

I have never thought of my life this way until I recently heard someone speak on this during our Wednesday night service.

That phrase alone really got me to thinking about my story and what it says. Everyone’s story is different, there are no two stories alike. Now I catch myself looking at someone maybe in the store or in a restaurant and think to myself, I wonder what their story is? Are they happy? Do they have a big family? Has there been heartache? My mind just runs away with itself! (I do have a big imagination.)

I look back over my story and think, if only I had done some things different. Maybe I should have gone to college, or maybe I should have moved out of my parents home when I turned 21 and tried the adult thing by myself! Or after I got married, maybe we should have tried for that 3rd child instead of stopping at 2.

There are so many what if’s or should haves in my story! But the reality of it is, I don’t believe our Abba Father wants us to live in that type of story! He wants our stories to be filled with lessons learned and gratitude from our mistakes in life. He wants us to live our lives to the fullest. Even if the story isn’t so good, He still wants us to embrace it and make it the best Story possible. If we do that then we learn from it!

I love the story in the Bible of the Samaritan woman! (Some may know her as the woman at the well.) The beginning of her story wasn’t what we would call the most popular story there was because of her life choices. I’m sure the people in her city probably looked down on her, called her horrible names.

But one day while drawing water at the well, she met a Man and His name was Jesus! He told her pretty much her whole story up to that very day only in just a few words! But then He said something that changed her story forever, He said that she could drink of this Living Water and never thirst again!

That very day her Story Changed! She ran into the city ministering and telling everyone to “Come Meet A Man That Has Told Me All Things!” She took her old story and used it for the Glory of God with Her New Story!!

So let’s be like the Samaritan woman! Let’s take our story and let it be used to Glorify the King of Kings!! We All have a story, they may not be the same story BUT we all have One!!!


Tip Of The Day: someone may need to hear your Story today! 🥰


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