The Pruning!!

I hope this Wednesday finds you healthy and blessed! For me, it’s a Great Day to begin with a Praise in My Heart and Worship on My Lips! Everyday Should start out like that! It makes your day go a whole lot better!

By the title of this blog you’re probably thinking this is going to be about gardening. In some ways it is, but I want to share what the Lord showed me this past weekend while I was working in my yard.

I was trying to clean out a fence row that was way overgrown. A honeysuckle vine had taken over the fence and was weighing it down, I was trimming away at this honeysuckle vine I began to notice another vine that I had no clue what it was, but it was actually wrapping itself around the trees and choking them out! I noticed that most of the trees had dead limbs because of this vine!

I began to clip and pull on these vines, trying to cut them away from the trees, but then something inside me said ‘if you don’t take care of the root problem, this vine it will just grow back!’ WOW! OK, Holy Spirit, I understand NOW! So I got on my hands and knees and began to pull and pull at these roots until I felt like I got most of them!

Now, this is where the Holy Spirit began to speak to me! He said you can have the best life as a Christian, but if you don’t keep your spirit man pruned, then things of this world will literally choke out the presence of God in your life! OUCH!!! Thank you, Father, for speaking to this girl!

We have to prune away laziness from our lives, and things that we might lust after, and that could be just in having things! We all like pretty things but things can over take us if we are not careful!

Prune away jealousy, bitterness, hate, anger, because these are the vines that will choke out our walk with the Father! It will hinder us.

So don’t just start pruning anywhere, you have to start at the ROOT! When you take care of the root then the issue is taken care of!

The only vine we need in our lives is the TRUE VINE! John 15 says: “I Am The True Vine and my Father is the Gardener.”

Give that some thought today!! Rest in the True Vine!!

Meet My Husband Larry! We are Pastors at Impact Church NWA

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