Don’t Ever Stop!!

The last few days I’ve been thinking about the blogging thing. I haven’t done any writing in the last 4 months and so I thought to myself, “I’ll just quit! No one is reading them and I really don’t think I’m making a difference!” But something on the inside said, “yeah but what if only […]

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You Are Beautiful!

I just want to encourage all you ladies today and tell you that You are Beautiful and You are Loved! I don’t know the circumstances that you may be in right now, or why you may be feeling this way, but God designed you just the way He wanted you to be! Society will tell […]

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Fashion Topic!

Happy Wednesday Ladies! I hope this post finds you well, happy and blessed! Today I want to talk to you just a little on fashion. I don’t claim to know everything about it but I do love clothes and fashion! I don’t spend a lot on my clothes because I really don’t feel that you […]

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Are You Ready?

I received a text Saturday from a dear friend, and when I looked at the words that were written my heart leaped! The text was merely this, “What is the Lord Speaking to You Today? And that was it! As I pondered this question for a few minutes, my spirit felt that the Lord was […]

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Making Things Count!!

What ever you are doing today, MAKE IT COUNT!! If it’s on your job, cleaning house, or even taking care of those kiddos, make it a day to remember! We go through each day a lot of times just going through the motions, not even considering who we might have an impact on, or even […]

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When It’s Pruning Time!

I pray everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! We hosted a family gathering at my house on Monday and it was Awesome! Food, Fun, and Fellowship followed by an outdoor movie! Now That’s Fun! Tonight as I was outside working on my rose bushes, (which I have totally neglected this past year), I got to […]

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Stand In Gods Love!

Fear, anxiety and depression–all these have to bow to the Name of Jesus! Nothing that comes from the devil can stay around when YOU are Standing in Gods Love! (That makes me want to shout!) God totally healed me of depression in October of 2017! It was a storm that I walked through for several […]

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