Catching Up!!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted! I have to say this past month has been so busy with work and my Husband and I ( with The Lords Help) is starting a New Ministry called Impact Ministries! So I’m so sorry but I promise, again with the Lords Help I’ll do better!! I’m […]

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Loving Fall!!

This is absolutely one of my favorite times of year!! I love all the colors, the smells of pumpkin spice, lattes, and the cute fall outfits that you can put together!! Also it lets me know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Also this is my favorite holiday! No hustle and bustle!! Right?? Just […]

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Love Month ❤️❤️

So last night we went to a valentines Banquet that our church was putting on!!! I love celebrating valentines!! I know that we show each other everyday that we love each other (or we should), but there is something about Valentines that I love!! Getting dressed up, buying a mooshy card, maybe a small gift, […]

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His Beginning!!

Happy Palm Sunday!! Reflecting on Christ life this morning, and how He knew that He was fixing to face the cross so that we might have life!! Then I think about His mother Mary, how she must have felt knowing that her son was going to lay down His life for the sins of this […]

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Good Friday

You might say why do we call the day of Jesus’ crucifixion Good Friday?? Actually I have asked myself the same question!! I believe He knew He was sent here by God to be crucified for the sins of you and I!! He knew that if He didn’t that we would have no Hope in […]

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This Beautiful Weekend!!

Wow this has already been a busy day and the weekend is just getting started!! I love Easter weekend. Birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, family cookouts, shopping, but most importantly Easter Sunday Service!! Which I like to call Happy Resurrection Day!! I sat yesterday just thinking about what He done for me and something on […]

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Right On Time!!

Don’t you just love it when God speaks to you directly? Whether it be through a song, or your devotion, or even when someone is ministering?? I love love it when He speaks through Scripture!! You know its directly for you!! Last night I went to bed pondering on some things (a lot of things), […]

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