When Life Is A War Zone

I Have a question for you today. Do you ever feel like things in life will never settle so you can enjoy peace and joy for even one day? Does it feel like when one problem gets solved another arises? Like it’s never ending! We are in a war with the enemy of or souls […]

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An All In Trust!!

Something grabbed my spirit this morning as I was doing my devotion. Have you ever been called to do something in ministry that you were so excited about, but in a small area of your heart you wonder will it ever work? Or will I ever see the results or fruits of my labor? There […]

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Pleasing Only God!!

It’s been a great day so far! I got up this morning and went to church to worship the King of Kings! Then off to lunch with family and friends! A lot of hugging and kissing for and from my Grands! Get ’em while you can, right? I just read a post on Facebook that […]

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Finding Rest – Day 6

I pray that everyone had a blessed Sunday! It’s always great being in the Lord’s House to worship Him! In those 2 hours or so you can just soak in the presence of God and let go of all the stresses you have carried from the week! It was beautiful weather this past weekend! I’m […]

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Finding Rest- Day 5

I love how she says “listening involves drawing close to him”!! You will read that in today’s devotion! To be able to hear Him we have to be drawn to Him!! I know from first hand, that I could slow down more and just enjoy leaning into Him! In that Still Small Voice is where […]

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Finding Rest- Day 4

Do you ever hold yourself back in worship because you are afraid of what people or someone will think? I Have!! But I believe that Our Savior wants all of our Worship! You will see in the devotion today that Mary did not care what people or even the society that she lived in that […]

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Finding Rest-Day 3

This one today was so totally for me!! I could see myself in the words that I read this morning!! Letting Go and Letting God, for He is God and I am NOT!! Enjoy this devotion today!! Take some time to reflect on the areas of your life that God can be God in!! By […]

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Finding Rest-Day 2

I sure hope these devotions that I have been doing helps you to slow down, and find Rest in the only one who can give it!! Jesus!! Like Martha, sometimes we feel like we do so much but never get any recognition for what we do!! But believe me it never goes unnoticed!! God see […]

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Finding Rest Day 1!!

Good morning on this rainy Tuesday!! I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for Spring weather!! My sandals are calling my name!🙌 This morning I was reading my devotion and I wanted to share it with you!! The title of it is Finding Rest! I’m sure we are all in the same boat […]

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