A Confident Woman!

In this world that we live in, so many women are trying to find things in their lives to satisfy the need to be beautiful, to be loved, or just trying to find approval from others. I should know because I’ve been there! We need to realize as women that true beauty and self worth […]

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Out Of Our Comfort Zone!

April has come and almost gone! I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for the warmer weather and flip flops! 😀 This Virus sure has got us doing things that we would have never thought about doing. Wearing masks and gloves to the grocery store, no shopping (unless on line), to live streaming […]

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Happy Tuesday to all you beautiful Ladies! It’s been a very productive day for me! I’m trying to do things around my house to keep me busy, but I’m also kind of enjoying a little down time! Try to think of some things that you could be doing: read a book, exercise, de-clutter–now that has […]

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Under Construction!!

Happy Friday to all You Beautiful Ladies!  I hope you have some wonderful plans for this weekend! My husband and I are keeping our Grand Boys tonight and part of the day on Saturday! I always love these moments! They are a handful BUT in a Good way!! I passed by a house on Thursday […]

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Be That Proverbs 31 Woman!

Happy 2020!! I hope this New Year is finding you well, happy, and Blessed!! It’s already started out busy for me, but it’s a good kind of busy! I’m de-cluttering my house, doing some organizing and planning for the New Year!! I know a lot of people have set New Year’s Resolutions and there is […]

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Fall Is Here!!

I live in Arkansas and usually by now the trees have turned their vibrant colors, but this year it seems as though it’s taking its time to fully show the beautiful colors! I just hope that we don’t go from summer to winter! (Although I do like snow)😉 I have always loved the fall season. […]

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Don’t Ever Stop!!

The last few days I’ve been thinking about the blogging thing. I haven’t done any writing in the last 4 months and so I thought to myself, “I’ll just quit! No one is reading them and I really don’t think I’m making a difference!” But something on the inside said, “yeah but what if only […]

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You Are Beautiful!

I just want to encourage all you ladies today and tell you that You are Beautiful and You are Loved! I don’t know the circumstances that you may be in right now, or why you may be feeling this way, but God designed you just the way He wanted you to be! Society will tell […]

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Fashion Topic!

Happy Wednesday Ladies! I hope this post finds you well, happy and blessed! Today I want to talk to you just a little on fashion. I don’t claim to know everything about it but I do love clothes and fashion! I don’t spend a lot on my clothes because I really don’t feel that you […]

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